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Paul Sampson

Writer, director and actor Paul Sampson has led an amazing career on film as well as behind the camera. We were introduced during the casting of his film Night of the Templar featuring Norman Reedus, David Carradine, Billy Drago, Max Perlich and Udo Keir. I've been proud to work with Sampson on a daily basis since that day more than ten years ago.

The Need

In regards to the film, the need was initially casting, then filming, then editing and then press. I've been part of it all.

The Strategy

With Sampson, as with any full time client, the goal is to capitalize on opportunities where they arise, as well as creating them where they don't exist. For Sampson, whether it be photography, filming, editing, writing or arranging radio and television interviews, magazine write-ups or meet and greet situations, I do it all.

The Result

Paul's commitment to his family, friends and craft is astounding. He works, quite literally, every single day! Since the release of the film, it has gone to Blu-Ray in more than a dozen International locations as well as screened globally. It was the last film to feature David Carradine in a feature role before his untimely passing and serves as a fitting end to the career of a legend.

Since finishing Night of the Templar, Paul has written half a dozen new scripts, all of which are being made in some capacity, and has made cameo film appearances alongside numerous name talents including Mr. Nicholas Cage.

Below is a look at one of the trailers for the film Night of the Templar. It is available for streaming on iTunes here: Night of the Templar.